The Alliance High School Endowment Fund and BimaNet’s Linda Fanaka

April 25, 2019 / Comments (0)


BimaNet’s Linda Fanaka is a ‘5 in 1’ bundle of insurance benefits which provides maximum protection and financial security to a member’s family in the unfortunate event of their death, hospitalisation, disability or upon being diagnosed with a critical illness. This product also gives its members access to a Welfare Fund which pays ‘cash back’ for no claims and doubles the sums assured without a corresponding increase in annual premiums. For the first time in Kenya, individuals an SME’s can access Group Life Insurance at discount of up to 75% by riding on BimaNet’s platform.

BimaNet has partnered with The Alliance High School Old Boys Club to reach members of the AHS Old Boys community who can benefit from this scheme. Having invested in a ‘state of the art’ technology, BimaNet tracks all the business generated and a % of the turn over is donated to the EFT. It is an excellent opportunity for OBC to get its uninsured members affordably insured whilst providing a sustainable model of raising funds for the EFT.

The first donation of Ksh 36, 000 was presented to the EFT on 11th April 2019.

More details oabout BIMANET can be found HERE.

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