Alliance High School Medical Camp

May 6, 2019 / Comments (0)

Events Functions

Kikuyu – March 09, 2019- The Alliance High School Old Boys Club (AHS OBC) in collaboration with the Alliance High School, Kikuyu (AHS) hosted the first ever Alliance High School Medical Camp. The camp catered to the students of the school, the staff and their families. It was graced by over one hundred health professionals, mainly doctors and medical students who are old boys of the school. For the old boys, this was a way of giving back to the school that set them on the path to medicine.

The camp offered specialized consultations, general screenings, eye check-ups, dental and laboratory services as well as medications and creating mental health awareness in the school. This was facilitated by the support and participation of sponsors such as The Nairobi Hospital, PCEA Kikuyu Hospital, DMI Centre, Minet Kenya Insurance Brokers Limited, King David Hospital-Ngong, Lions Eye FirstSight Hospital and Bliss GVS Healthcare. An old boy of the school from the class of 1980, Dr. Moses Mwangi, made the single largest drug contribution for both the camp and stocking of the school sanatorium.

Here is the link to the photographs from the medical camp. 

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