Appeal For Scholarships – Year 2019

The Alliance High School Old Boys Club (OBC) is happy to announce that the Alliance High School Endowment Fund (AHS EF) awarded two (2) full Scholarships worth KShs 107,088 to needy students on 11 May 2019. The two scholarships are an addition to the 20 or so sponsorships given directly by old boys in their individual or collective capacities.

OBC invites old boys and friends of OBC to participate in sponsoring needy students. According to the School, 30% of the students have varying levels of need.

On 25 March 2019, OBC and the School signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to facilitate the process of issuance of scholarships. Under the MOU, the School will facilitate the application for scholarships, vet applications as well as provide timely academic performance and fee payment reports to OBC and sponsors. OBC on the other hand will maintain a comprehensive database of needy students and act as a point of contact between old boy sponsors, the School and beneficiaries.

OBC formed the AHS EF in 2012 as an investment vehicle to support the educational experience at AHS through scholarships and coverage of capital & operating costs in perpetuity. AHS EF has assets of approximately KShs 13 million invested in Government Securities and Stocks. AHS EF is still building capital hence the two scholarships offered.      

As an old boy, or a friend of the OBC, you can support the scholarships programme as follows:

  1. By sponsoring a student(s) in your individual/ family capacity;
  2. By sponsoring a student(s) as a class. For instance, the class of 1993 currently sponsors 4 students;
  3. By making a grant to AHS EF, to be managed and disbursed per the Trust Deed and the Investment Policy.

To take part in this noble programme, or obtain more information please contact Starlings Muchiri of the OBC Secretariat, E-mail or Telephone +254 706 676786.

Maurice Nduranu – School No. 5518

Chairman – Alliance High School Old Boys Club

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