ACR 2020: Vacancies in Organising Committee Roles (all volunteer)

January 6, 2020 / Comments (0)

ACR Events

The organising committee of the Alliance Classic Run, a charity event now in its third year has vacancies for the following roles for the ACR 2020.

  1. Runner Mobilisation and Welfare Director
  2. Services and Products Mobilisation Director
  3. Route Scouting and Management Director
  4. Run Day Management Director

All the roles are served on a volunteer basis. Please click on each role below to see the description and the deliverables.

1. Runner Mobilisation and Welfare Director

Job Description
a) Set up runner registration infrastructure (on the event webpage)
b) Set up and support runner fundraising (through runner sponsorship) infrastructure
c) In collaboration with the Runner Mobilisation and Welfare Director, manage the development of the participant and volunteer kit/bag, including giving prominence to current sponsors and their products
d) In collaboration with the Publicity and Marketing Director, ensure that runners are engaged pre-, during and post-event
e) In collaboration with the Run Day Management Director, the Health, Safety and Security Director and the Route Scouting and Management Director, ensure runners’ comfort.

a) Flawless registration platform
b) Infrastructure to support fundraising on behalf of ACR by runners
c) Runner kit that meets runners’ expectations
d) Zero incidences of a safety and security nature
e) Swift management of health /injury related cases
f) Runner satisfaction

2. Services and Products Mobilisation Director

Job Description
a) Coordinate the selection, ordering, delivery and receipt of all event merchandise
b) Collaborate with Publicity and Marketing Director on product designs
c) Work with vendors to select purchased merchandise including medals, t-shirts, appreciation certificates and plaques and various for-sale merchandise pieces
d) Collect required merchandise quantities and delivery details from other Planning Committee members in order to place final orders with vendors
e) Liaise with the apparel sponsor(s) for all sponsor deliverables, including EXPO space needs, ordering of donated merchandise and development of for-sale merchandise
f) Collect remaining merchandise inventory numbers post-event and oversee distribution of any extra merchandise to appropriate events or charitable partners

a) Timely procurement
b) Cost efficient procurement
c) Runner satisfaction
d) Institutional Sponsors & Partners satisfaction

3. Route Scouting and Management Director

Job Description
a) Lead in scouting of suitable routes for the distances that the ACR2020 will offer: 5km, 10km, 15km, 20km and 30km
b) Ensure that adequate runner support in the form of: medical evacuation backup, security, hydration and – for distances longer than 20km – nutrition, is provided for.

a) Runner satisfaction

4. Run Day Management Director

Job Description
a) Develop race day program
b) Procure event management and volunteer services for race day
c) Ensure smooth operation of race day is effectively delivered
d) EXPO Management
e) Lead the design appropriate and efficient EXPO ‘village’ layout
f) Lead the creation of a strategy to sell space in the EXPO village to sponsors and potential vendors, with a view of raising revenues from the EXPO
g) Contract a supplier of tents and furniture for the EXPO village; ensure timely and correct set-up
h) Arrange for parking needs, security, and first aid with appropriate staff
i) Oversee coordination with the school administration to secure an EXPO area, and access all utilities required to make it work.
j) Oversee race week set-up and tear down
k) Recruit and manage volunteers to assist with race week operations
l) Order and arrange for the placement of all banners

a) Runner satisfaction
b) Institutional Sponsors & Partners and vendors satisfaction
c) Vibrant EXPO village

If you are interested in serving this noble cause in any of these roles, please submit your expression of interest to the ACR organising committee through, indicating the role that you wish to serve in.

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