Walking In The Light Amidst COVID-19

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On 22nd August 2020, The Alliance Girls Alumnae Golfers hosted the Alliance Girls Golf Day at Royal Nairobi Golf Club. The theme of the event “Walking in the Light Amidst COVID-19” was in line with the current situation not only in our country Kenya but globally. It was a wonderful event that allowed those in attendance to have an enjoyable golf game, a delicious lunch and also catch up with some old classmates while observing the rules of social distancing. 

Annie Thoronjo, the 2019 – 2020 Lady Captain of the Nairobi Royal Golf Club welcomed the alumni to the Alliance Girls Golf Day to enjoy the special day and participate in the golf events. “There is a full field of more than 240 players, therefore well patronized and well sponsored”, said Annie Thoronjo, “It is great to have this kind of event where former students are able to meet new friends and new people”. 

Members of the Alliance Girls Alumnae Golfers

The golfing activities which began by 8 am at the Royal Nairobi Golf Club began without a hitch. Both the men and women participated in the tournament adorning green garments in line with the dress code of white and green. Each and every one of the players exhibited enthusiasm and great sportsmanship but there had to be one overall winner. The overall winner was Kimani Gicheru with 42 points followed by Richard Ngumeh as the overall runner-up and Paul Ichangi as the overall 3rd. 

“We are expecting to have fun, we are expecting to play well, we are expecting good weather,” said Beatrice Kamau, member of the Royal Nairobi Golf Club, “Golf is a social game and we hope to have a nice day too”.

The event brought much excitement to the Nairobi Golf Club with over 240 players participating, the highest number of players they have had since the COVID-19 pandemic began. “It has been a very long time since we saw many people at Royal, so many people, so much green, so much ladies,” said Jay Muchoma, member of the Royal Nairobi Golf Club, “It’s good that Betty Maina and the girls really showed up and we appreciate what she and the girls are doing”

Those in attendance included the Alliance Girls Alumnae Golfers, the members of the Alliance High School Old Boys Club, and members of the Royal Nairobi Golf Club as well as various invited guests. “It was nice seeing so many old boys and girls all in one place interacting and playing together after so many years” Derrick Kinoti, an Old Boy of Alliance High School “certainly we need more such events in the future”.

The event came to a close with an award ceremony and a wonderful evening filled with food and laughter.

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