AHS OBC marks the opening of their office with a donation from the AHSEFT to the school

March 25, 2021 / Comments (0)


On Tuesday 17th March 2021, the Alliance High School Principal Mr William Mwangi officially handed over the key to the new Alliance High School Old Boys Club office to the AHS OBC Chairman Maurice Nduranu.

According to Mr Mwangi, having the AHS OBC office on the school grounds will allow for better collaboration between the AHS OBC, the school administration, the board and stakeholders. “I felt that it was necessary to have the office in the school”, said Principal Mwangi, “let anyone who comes here know that the AHS OBC is an asset to the school”. On behalf of the AHS OBC, Chairman Maurice Nduranu thanked Principal Mwangi for his leadership, help and support in helping set up the AHS OBC office on the school grounds. “This is the first step in asking ourselves what else do we need to ensure we are protecting the history and traditions of the school”, added Maurice Nduranu.

 Following the meet and greet portion which began at 10 am, Principal William Mwangi led the AHS OBC executive committee to the OBC office where AHS OBC Chairman Maurice Nduranu officially opened the office. To celebrate the opening of the AHS OBC office, AHS Chaplain Rev. Ndubai led the AHS OBC executive committee members in attendance and the AHS Staff in a word of prayer before the cutting of the cake presented by AHS OBC secretary Begi Gesicho. AHS OBC Golf Captain, Eng. Sammy Muita, donated a calendar and book to the AHS OBC office to mark its official opening.

After the AHS OBC office was officially opened, the AHS OBC treasurer Kenneth Muchina, presented a cheque from the Kenyan based Alliance High School Endowment Fund Trust (AHSEFT) for Kshs 603,109 to Principal William Mwangi that will be placed in the school bursary to help pay fees for students struggling with fees. Fifteen boys in total were beneficiaries of scholarships covered by this sum: two boys were granted the KSN Matiba – BMG scholarships and thirteen were granted the Alliance Classic Run scholarships.  “We would encourage everyone, old boys and members of staff, to feel free to talk to the OBC now that we are right here and find out ways you can be involved with the AHSEF as an individual or a group”, said AHS OBC treasurer and AHSEFT Trustee, Kenneth Muchina. “We can get to an instance where no boy has to suffer the distress of worrying about their comfort while at school because of lack of school fees”, added Kenneth. AHS OBC chairman reassured those in attendance that the trustees of the AHSEFT have gone to great lengths to ensure that the Endowment Fund has world-class accountability and to ensure that donors are aware that their donations will be used for the purposes they intended. “The only two purposes of the Endowment Fund are to support the students and to support the school”, added Maurice Nduranu.

The ceremony concluded at 11 am after the cheque from the AHSEFT was officially handed over to the school administration.

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