Vacancies: Researchers, Writers & Editors for “The History of Alliance”

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The Alliance High School, Kikuyu (AHS) was the first school in Kenya to offer secondary school education to Africans. It was founded on 1 March 1926 by the Alliance of Protestant Churches. The Alliance High School Old Boys Club (AHS OBC) is the alumni association of the Alliance High School, Kikuyu, Kenya. The Club was registered under the Societies Act on 23rd June 1959.

JS Smith wrote the first edition of the History of Alliance covering the period 1926-1969, in 1970-73. AHS intends to publish two books for the period 1970-2020, in time for the centennial celebrations in 2026:

(a) A continuation of the JS Smith book, for information and historical record; and 

(b) A narrative from the 1st/ 3rd person perspective for pleasurable and easy reading.   

AHS has requested AHS OBC coordinate the authorship and publication of the two books, on behalf of the School. AHS OBC is in discussions with a reputable publishing house to publish the books. AHS OBC intends to rely on the rich alumni network across generations to produce accurate, authentic and passionate manuscripts for publication. Proceeds from the books will be used to support needy students at AHS, through the Alliance High School Endowment Fund Trust.

AHS OBC invites Old Boys, current and former staff of the school to serve as Researchers, Writers, Transcribers, Proof Readers and Editors for the two books on a voluntary/ semi-voluntary basis.  

The roles give Old Boys a unique opportunity to participate in a history defining project, give back to the school, or launch/ develop their own careers in writing or publishing.

The job and person descriptions are detailed below.  Applications close on 11 June 2021.

Position(s): Head Writer/ Researcher  

The Head Writer/ Researcher will take the overall lead in research and writing to produce publishable manuscripts. He will lead the planning process; guide and supervise assistant researchers and writers; liaise with other parties eg archives, libraries, media houses to obtain source materials and document the required information; liaise with the editors to polish the manuscripts.   

The Candidate  

  1. Has a university degree; 
  2. Is experienced in writing, editing and proofreading text;
  3. Has experience in working with archives, libraries, publishers and printers; 
  4. Has excellent written communication skills;
  5. Has a good grasp of narrative;
  6. Has an awareness of book audiences;
  7. Has demonstrated planning and supervision skills;
  8. Is passionate about Alliance High School, its history and legacy; 

Apply here:

Position(s): Assistant Writers, Researchers, Transcribers, Proof Readers   

The Assistant Writers, Researchers, Transcribers and Proof Readers will assist the Head Writer/ Researcher in identifying and obtaining source materials, preparing questionnaires, interviewing respondents, transcribing respondent interviews, archiving the source materials, drafting the manuscript, editing and proof reading.     

The Candidate  

  1. Is in University or has a University degree;
  2. Is experienced in writing, editing and proofreading text;
  3. Is experienced in using computer software including word processors, referencing software, publishing software and document maintenance software;
  4. Has excellent written communication skills;
  5. Is able to work with minimal supervision;
  6. Is able to keep deadlines;
  7. Is passionate about Alliance High School, its history and legacy; 

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Position(s): Editors  

The Editors will review the manuscripts, suggest or implement necessary changes to the manuscripts, liaise with the writers to polish the manuscripts and liaise with the publishers to publish the final product(s). 

The Candidate  

  1. Has a University degree preferably in English, communications, history, or journalism; 
  2. Has a strong command of English grammar and spelling;
  3. Has previous writing experience in newspapers, magazines, journals etc;
  4. Has team leadership skills; 
  5. Has excellent communications skills;
  6. Has good computer skills;
  7. Has an awareness of the book audiences;
  8. Is passionate about Alliance High School, its history and legacy;

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For more information, kindly contact us at or on 0706676786

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