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Greetings old boys and friends of the School we love the most. 

In the last quarter of the year 2021, the Alliance High School Old Boys Club (AHS OBC)  will hold the Annual General Meeting (AGM). The AGM is tentatively scheduled for mid/ late November 2021.

A key agenda of the AGM will be elections for office bearers and Executive Committee members for the period 2021-2023. Old boys are encouraged to update their membership status in good time in order to participate in the elections as candidates and voters. 

This year we introduce an exciting opportunity to advertise in the OBC Annual Report. The Annual report provides a timeless opportunity to reach thousands of old boys and friends of Alliance with direct messaging on your brand. 

Annual General meeting

The Annual General Meeting for the Club is tentatively scheduled to be held virtually in mid/late  November 2021. The Club traditionally holds the AGM at the end of September.  This year’s postponement was caused by the Registrar of Societies’ delay in processing prior-year Club returns in time to recognize the proposed 2021 AGM business. The Executive Committee and the Secretariat are working hard to ensure that the returns are processed in time for the AGM. 

The Executive Committee will circulate the Notice of the 2021 AGM, Minutes of the 2020 AGM and the Financial Statements for 2020 in due course. 

OBC Executive Committee Elections 2021-2023

The OBC will hold biennial elections for Officers of the Club and Executive Committee members pursuant to Articles 4.3 and 6.1 of the Constitution at the 2021 AGM. Elected officers and Executive Committee members will serve for the period 2021-2023.  

Members who have their subscriptions up to date will be entitled to participate in elections, either as candidates or voters. The Club urges all old boys to update their membership and subscription status in anticipation of the elections. 

The Executive Committee will provide further directions on the elections, including the constitution of the Elections Board in due course. 

OBC Membership 

Are you a member of the OBC? Are your subscriptions up to date?   

The AHS OBC membership is open to the following categories: 

  1. Any ex-student of the School who has received an official leaving certificate upon leaving the School and subject to the approval of the Executive Committee;
  2. Any teacher, ex-teacher or other senior members of staff of the School who has served in the staff for a period of not less than three years subject to the approval of the Executive Committee;
  3. Any association, firm or corporation approved for membership by the Executive Committee;
  4. Any person admitted as an honorary member of the Club;

Upon payment of a one time joining fee of KShs 200 individual members may opt for an annual subscription of KShs 1,000 or a one-time life subscription of KShs 15,000. University students can however pay a subsidized annual subscription of KShs 200 to participate in the activities of the Club.  

You can pay your joining/  membership subscriptions through:

  1. AHS OBC Mpesa Paybill 901959 a/c “Membership+School Number”
  2. Cheques to “Alliance High School Old Boys Club”
  3. Bank Transfers to Alliance High School Old Boys Club A/C 8131110018 NCBA Bank, Upperhill  Branch (Include Membership & School Number in the Narrative).

The Club encourages members to update their subscription status for 2020/21, not only to participate in the 2021 elections but also to help in financing the operations of the club in the midst of the Covid 19 in-person events restrictions.  

Advertisement in the OBC Annual Report for 2020/21

Since 2017, the Club has been publishing Annual Reports to highlight activities of the Club. The Annual Report is a high quality, professionally designed A4 size publication, printed on glossy magazine paper. 

The Annual Report is circulated in hard copy at OBC events, and at the School and in soft copy on the OBC website, email newsletter and social media. Readers are mainly Alumni of the Alliance Schools, corporate partners, current students and their parents.2017, 2018 and 2019 reports are available on the OBC website https://www.ahsobc.org/annual-reports/.  

The Club will print 1,000 copies of the 2020/21 Annual Report for distribution to the target readers. The Annual Report is a timeless opportunity to expose your brand to the Alliance Fraternity, at very competitive rates. Members of the Club and friends of the School occupy influential and decision making positions in all social-economic spheres in Kenya and abroad. 

Below is the Rate Card for advertising space in the Annual Report for 2020/21.       

To Advertise in the Annual Report, please contact Valyne Kinya of the Secretariat on Telephone 0706 676 786 or Email secretariat@ahsobc.org

OBC/ AHS Merchandise 

Finally, the Club has established a  line of high-quality OBC/ AHS branded merchandise including mugs, gym bags, neckties, lapel pins and sweaters. Please visit the Club Website www.ahsobc.org/shop/ to download the merchandise catalogue and order your lovely merchandise today. You may also order via telephone or text on 0706 676 786 or email secretariat@ahsobc.org

Starlings Muchiri
Head of Secretariat

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