OBC Executive Committee, Multipurpose Complex (Trinity Chapel, Library, Amphitheatre) Site Visit

January 30, 2024 / Comments (0)


The event took place on 20th January 2024 at the Alliance High School. The meeting was attended by some of the Old Boys and was spearheaded by the current school Principal, Mr. Kamau Chombo.

The event involved a meeting with the Form 1 students who had just joined the school on the 15th as well as a site visit to the chapel. The Form 1 students had the privilege of being advised and encouraged by the Old Boys who shared their different experiences during their time at Alliance High School. They also inculcated the values they learned and those that were to be instilled in the students to uphold and preserve the Alliance spirit and traditions as they prepare for the next intake in 2027. The boys also shared the importance of building strong bonds with each other as this will help the students to have a community that they can rely on in the future.

Member of Parliament, Hon. Clive, a member of the Old Boys Club, delivered a speech where he shared his experience as a student at Alliance and how this impacted his future by opening up doors to success because of the support he received from his peers and teachers as well as the good grades he scored.

The talk came to an end and the Old Boys then proceeded to the Chapel to monitor the progress and view the site. The School Principal gave the Old Boys a detailed breakdown of how the progress was going and what was required for it to be completed and photos were taken.

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