The OBC coast chapter at the Amani Beach cottage

January 30, 2024 / Comments (0)


The OBC coast chapter held its first meeting of 2024 at the Amani Beach cottage plot in Likoni Shelly Beach. 28 members graced the occasion including the OBC chairman Luchiri Omoto and deputy vicechair Starling Muchiri.

The meeting discussed the formation of OGBA, Alliance Girls and Boys Association, a social get-together group for coast alumni of AGHS and AHS. The meeting also discussed and adopted new members of the Executive Committee and formed clusters based on years of exit from the school to be charged with the responsibility of arranging quarterly social meetings.

The main agenda for the meeting was the proposals for putting the Amani cottages into use for the benefit of the school and the old boys. it was resolved that a team be set to spearhead the short and long-term actions to be implemented on the plot use and advise the OBC who will share with the Principal and BOM

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