The Alliance High School Old Boys’ Club (AHS OBC) is the alumni association of Alliance High School registered under the Societies Act on 23rd June 1959.


  • To keep the Old Boys of the Alliance High School in touch with the School and with one another;
  • To encourage Old Boys to live up to the ideals for which the School was founded and to put into practice the motto of the school “Strong to serve”;
  • To assist the school and its old Boys in any suitable manner, in particular in the maintenance and improvement of the standards of learning and conduct;
  • To advance and promote education at the School by providing guidance, resources, material and financial support and collaborating with the School towards advancement of education.


The AHS OBC is led by an Executive Committee comprising of elected and co-opted members. The executive committee is supported in its work by a secretariat. The Executive Committee is comprised of 14 elected and 6 co-opted members. Executive Committee members hold office for a maximum of 2 terms of three years each. At every Annual General Meeting, a third (1/3) of the elected Executive Committee Members shall retire on rotation but with eligibility for re-election.
The current membership of the AHS OBC executive committee (2023 – 2025) is made up of: Officers: Luchiri Omoto (Chairman); Starlings Muchiri (Vice Chairman); Dr. Mugambi M’Nchebere (Treasurer); Allan Mzungu (Secretary); Peter Muia (Assistant Treasurer); and Vincent Mutua (Assistant Secretary); Members: Bernard Kibet Sang; Derrick Mwathi; Francis Muema; James Ruigu; Mahamud Abdi; Martin Wagah; Paschal Ogwel Otieno; and Robert Omamo.