27 May 2021

The Benefactors 

Alliance Classic Run Fund 

Dear Sir / Madam 

Re: Alliance Classic Run Scholarships 

It is my great honour to, on behalf of the Board of Trustees (‘BoT’) of the Alliance High School Endowment  Fund Trust (‘AHSEFT’), inform you of the award in March 2021 by the BoT of the Alliance Classic Run Scholarships award to 13 boys who were students at Alliance High School (‘AHS’) during the 2020/2021  academic year.  

Monies raised during the Alliance Classic Run events in 2018, 2019 and 2020 financed these scholarships.  

Alliance Classic Run scholarships are awarded to boys at AHS with a demonstrated need for financial  assistance. 

We are delighted to see the award of these first 13 scholarships. The process of building the enabling  infrastructure to invest and manage the endowment has taken a little longer than envisaged.  

We keen on working with you, our friends and supporters to, raise more funds for the underlying endowment  with an eye on facilitating the education of youth that we hope will give Kenya and the world future leaders. 

Towards this end, we will be grateful to continue having your support for the Alliance Classic Run, to raise additional funds to build on the existing endowment of about KShs 1.8m. Our target remains a modest fund  size of KShs 200m! 

I invite you to consider making gifts to the Alliance Classic Run Fund at any point in time (including outside  the window of our annual run), or to a new standalone fund that you alone or with friends could promote  and endow.

Details of how you can do either of these are in the attached flyer – refer to section ‘D’, parts 2 and 3  respectively. For any assistance, please get in touch with us through: +254 706 676 786 or  secretariat@ahsobc.org. 

Yours faithfully,  

FCPA Daniel Ndonye  


Alliance High School Endowment Fund Trust