Cool4School in partnership with the Anglican Churches of Kenya and the Alliance High School Old Boys Club will be launching the innovative Enkisoma Computer Lab at the Alliance High School on 11 November 2021.

Cool4School is an organization that seeks to work with relevant stakeholders in the education sector as well as sponsors to increase quality learning experiences in low connectivity settings – including imaginative play, collaborative projects and hands-on experiments. Cool4School also seeks to equip the next generation with relevant skills to penetrate the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) sector through the innovative Enkisoma Labs that are bundled with competency-based content.

Alliance High School has a student population of approximately 1,850 and only 80 available devices to serve the population. The 80 existing devices have no preloaded content and can only access engaging content when online. The proposed Enkisoma lab devices come preloaded with content that can be accessed offline and is relevant to the students’ current curriculum. The lab is affordable, will greatly improve access and will have engaging content which will enhance students learning outcomes.

I would like to invite you to make a difference in the life of a student by offering tools that will enhance access to technology and offer the student an opportunity to compete with peers across the globe. You can support the noble project by sponsoring the purchase of the devices that will be used in the Alliance High School Enkisoma Lab.

One unit of the MST AIO PC required for the Enkisoma computer lab goes for KShs 60,900 including VAT. The PC features are as follows:

  • Pre-loaded curriculum content;
  • 21.5″ LED Screen;
  • i3 4GB RAM;
  • 128 SSD;
  • Wired keyboard and mouse.

To donate, kindly use the following avenues:

  • Mpesa Paybill No: 901959; Account Name: Enkisoma+school number; e.g. Enkisoma6868
  • Bank: NCBA Bank; Branch: Upper Hill Branch; A/C No.: 813 111 0018

Any amount will be highly appreciated. Your support will go a long way towards securing the future of Alliance High School and its ability to deliver quality education to the many boys from Kenya and beyond who will walk through its gates in search of an education.

For more information email us at or call us on 0706 676 786.