May 11, 2019


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Alliance Classic Run – 2019

The annual Alliance Classic Run (‘ACR’) is a charity run and walk event dedicated to raising funds for the Alliance High School Endowment Fund Trust (AHSEFT). AHSEFT exists to mobilise financial resources to build an endowment fund to fund bursaries to be awarded to students in need admitted to the Alliance High School, Kikuyu (‘AHS’) and to fund infrastructure maintenance and expansion.

The second edition of the Alliance Classic Run will be held on Saturday 11 May 2019, at the Alliance High School, Kikuyu. Our first edition was held on 19th May 2018. Visit this link to see an extensive gallery of images from the first edition. This year the races offered cover 5km, 10km, 15km, and 20km.

IMPORTANT: Read and understand our Event Waiver document before proceeding.


Thank you for making the decision to support the Alliance Classic Run!
In a few steps, you can complete the registration process, and get your place at the starting line! Sign up below.
If you run into any sign-up challenges, please call 0714712145 or email Immediate support is also available via this WhatsApp forum.

Do you wish to make a donation to ACR 2019 or sponsor a runner?

You can send your cash gift to the Alliance Classic Run though Mpesa Paybill 931926. Give the account number as ACR.
To sponsor any of the runners posted below, use the code indicated against their name e.g ACR001, ACR002 as the account number.
1. Richard Kiundi (The Duke). Code ACR001.

Last year, i.e, 2018, you sponsored me a total of Kes 600K and I ran 10 KMS bila sweat.

For a sponsorship of Kes 1M, I promise to run 15 KMS and for Kes 1.2M I will do 20 KMS!

Safaricom Paybill 931926 A/C ACR001. #LetsDoThis

2. Marylene Chebet. Code ACR002

My name is Marylyne Chebet and I run with Urban Swaras Running Club.

I am a recreational runner, I run for fitness and for the challenge that it gives. I have in the pursuit of a challenge ran a 71km ultra-marathon! For me running is the greatest metaphor about life: because you get out of it what you put in to it.

I am running in the Alliance Classic Run to support the boy child because I am a mother of an 8 year boy. Please sponsor my run by making whatever donation that you can.

Safaricom Paybill 931926 A/C ACR002. #LetsDoThis

3. Kenneth Muchina. Code ACR003

My name is Kenneth Muchina, an alumnus of Alliance High School.

I am very passionate about the cause of access to education. That is the reason I am a fervent supporter of the Alliance High School Endowment Fund and its initiatives to raise money to support the education of boys admitted to Alliance High School Kikuyu who may need that support. My other passions include recreational running and hiking/mountaineering – passions that I have used over the last three years to raise money for the Alliance High School Endowment Fund.

Kindly sponsor my run at Alliance Classic Run 2019 by making a donation of any size that you can.

Safaricom Paybill 931926 A/C ACR003. #LetsDoThis

4. Karanu Waweru. Code ACR004

My name is Karanu Waweru, an old boy of the Alliance High School.

When in form 2, I almost lost my place in the great school when my late dad found the burden of school fees too heavy to bear and decided to transfer me to a day school near home back in Eldoret. Someone intervened and as I result I completed my education there.

I participate in causes whose proceeds will help bright but financially challenged boys  to access quality education in the school.

This year, I will run the Alliance Classic Run (ACR) to raise funds for needy boys as well as the improvement of the aging and strained infrastructure in the school.

I invite you to run the ACR by registering above.

If you don’t register to run, you can also support me by donating any amount to the cause. Please send the support you have to Safaricom Paybill No. 931926 with the account being ACR004.

5. Miano Dennis. Code ACR005

My Name is Miano Dennis an old boy of The Alliance High School class of 01.

I am a passionate recreational runner running with Run Fit club in Nairobi.

We all know by now that the boy child is continuously becoming an endangered species in this country. As a father of two boys myself, I am passionate about this cause of keeping the boy child in school.

I will be running 20kms. Kindly sponsor my run at Alliance Classic Run 2019 by making a donation of any amount that you can.

Safaricom Paybill 931926  A/C ACR005.  #Letsdogood

6. Peter Muia. Code ACR006

The man who runs with the wind did it last year and he will be at the 20km start line again, on the 11th of May.

Would you like to make a donation towards the AHS Endowment Fund Trust in support of Peter Muia aka "The Inkalimeva"?

Safaricom Pay bill number 931926 A/C ACR006

#ACR2019 #AHSEFT #DoSomeGood.

Thank you! Tell your friends about the event and continue with your preparations for the run/walk.