The principal reasons for the existence of the Alliance High School Endowment Fund Trust (AHSEFT) are:

  1. raising of endowment funds;
  2. managing through investment activity of these endowment funds; and
  3. disbursing the proceeds of investments of the managed endowment funds towards identified needs, mainly: paying for scholarships  for needy students at AHS, and paying for infrastructure at AHS.

What is an endowment fund?

“An endowment fund is an investment fund established by a foundation that makes consistent withdrawals from invested capital. The capital in endowment funds, often used by universities, nonprofit organizations, churches and hospitals, is generally utilized for specific needs or to further a company’s operating process. Endowment funds are typically funded entirely by donations that are deductible for the donors.”


Our roots…

The AHSEFT was established through an irrevocable trust deed, on 1 October 2010. The deed has subsequently been revised to reflect changes in its operating environment.

The AHSEFT so far manages the following funds:

  1. The Alliance Classic Run Fund
  2. The KSN Matiba – Busherian Mountaineers Group Fund
  3. A General Fund

The AHSEFT is open to receiving endowments from well-wishers, towards receiving and managing not just funds towards existing funds (listed above) but also towards new funds that you may wish to create in partnership with the AHSEFT, and endow.

Talk to us through our secretariat on this email: for details on how you can go about this.

Governance Structures

The Trustees of the AHSEFT have always been committed towards best practices in the management of its affairs.

Towards this end, the AHSEFT has set up the structure depicted in the chart below:

AHSEFT has an Investment Policy Statement that is intended to govern the investment practices of the assets of the Alliance High School Endowment Fund Trust (“AHSEFT”), so that all individuals with either direct or indirect responsibility may understand and manage AHSEFT investment assets, hereafter referred to as the “Funds”.

To download and read the investment policy in its entirety, kindly click the link below.

Accountability and transparency

  • The AHSEFT keeps books of account that are subjected to financial audit. Upon completion of an ongoing audit process, we shall upload the audited financial statements of the AHSEFT.

How to be part of this noble programme

As an old boy, or a friend of the OBC, you can support the scholarships programme as follows:

  1. By sponsoring a student(s) in your individual/ family capacity;
  2. By sponsoring a student(s) as a class. For instance, the class of 1993 currently sponsors 4 students;
  3. By making a grant to AHSEFT, to be managed and disbursed per the Trust Deed, Investment Policy and donor’s stipulations.

To make a donation or a pledge to AHSEFT kindly click the link below.